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About Kent Photo

Kent Photography (kent.photo) is a collaborative endeavour created by partners Deana Smart-Zegna and Vincent Zegna, born from their love of photography, their passion for travel and the desire to capture a particular moment in time.

Kent Photography is not only a space for us to showcase our photographic work, but also incorporates a blog where we'll share information we feel will be of interest, such as details about locations we've visited, upcoming special events, helpful tips and suggestions regarding photographic equipment, accessories and procedures, and we'll throw in a few snapshots whilst we're out on a live shoot too! You'll be able to sign up to receive our monthly newsletter and be automatically emailed each time we post a new and exciting blog.

A Little About Us

Vincent enjoys photographing the diversity of cityscapes, the urban environment and the peace and serenity of landscape photography. He has also become a keen drone photographer.

Deana loves nothing more than to wandering around the many beautiful gardens of England capturing the beauty of nature – focusing on macro photography - no matter what time of year, whether it's springtime when the garden is beginning its amazing life-cycle, or autumn when the bright and burning coloured leaves begin to fall. Also close to her heart is spending time quietly sitting waiting to capture the amazing 'wild things' who reside in the woodland and forests of this beautiful country.

Having travelled and lived at various locations around the world, this husband and wife team currently reside in the picturesque and rural county of Kent, the Garden of England.

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